Dezzaire Fulton

Dezzaire Fulton

The experience and backgrounds of the founder and co-founder of Paradise Christian Leadership Academy is profound and very extensive serving the community and nation in various positions.  They are very qualified to begin such a venture.

Dezzaire Fulton, co-founder and COO, is a native of St. Stephen, South Carolina, a small town near Charleston, South Carolina.   Dezzaire is a 1994 Distinguished Military Graduate from South Carolina State University and holds a Bachelor of Arts in English.  An Adjutant by trade, she is a 20 year member of the US Army Adjutant General Corps and is currently serving US Army in the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in Arlington, Virginia.  In 2004, Dezzaire earned the Masters of Business Administration (MBA), with a concentration in Human Resource Management from Toro University International, Cypress, California. Dezzaire is currently enrolled in Liberty University working toward the Masters of Arts in Religion, with a concentration in evangelism and will pursue the Doctorate of Ministry as well.

A seasoned Saint of God, Dezzaire’s Christian resume is extensive.  As God has ordained that the Army is the vessel that catapults her to the nation, the last decade yields her contributions as Director and Ministers of Music, for St. Thomas Reformed Episcopal (RE) Church, Columbia South Carolina, Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church, Manning South Carolina, True Covenant House of Worship, Fayetteville, North Carolina, Macedonia Church of God in Christ, Cleveland Ohio (COGIC).

Dezzaire walked in the fullness of her call to evangelism at True Gospel International Church, Jackson Mississippi, where she served as adjutant, administrator and assistant director of the vessel of honors ministries-empowering women to “be fit for the master’s use”.  Additionally, Dezzaire launched “Operation Reach Out”, a community program that provides bibles with words in large print to seniors in nursing homes.

Devoted to a life service and spreading the Gospel, she has served in the manors, the homeless shelters, street ministry and more. Fueled by her mandate to break the barriers of denomination in the kingdom culture, in 2006 Dezzaire founded Paradise Ministries Inc. a non-profit organization that empowers saints of all generations to abide in the PARADISE FACTOR.   In 2007 and 2008 she held local women conferences, Women United for Christ, bringing women all over the region on common ground to tear down the barriers of denomination, thus ushering in the Pentecost move of God.  Dezzaire brings to this effort a wealth of knowledge and a powerful annointing.  Your youth will undoubtedly have an encounter with God!