Math & English

Math & English



Students will receive five hours of instruction -one hour a day- in both the basic skills and advanced mathematics. Students can expect to receive an in-depth review and teaching on the rules and theories of multiplication, decimals fractions as well  as exploring concepts of pre-algebra, algebra and calculus.  Most significantly, this course will focus on psychological methods to reverse our youth’s stigma that he or she is not good in mathematics. 

·        Day 1   Reviewing the basic math skills

·        Day 2   The fundamentals of pre-algebra and algebra

·        Day 3   Introduction to advance math and geometry

·        Day 4   Techniques to enhance your math skills/test taking tips

·        Day 5   Review and Final Exams

·        Day 6   The Community Service Events-giving back as servants


English/Language Arts

You would be amazed the amount of gifted people that lack the ability to communicate both orally and in writing. The five paragraph essay is the paradigm for communicating complete thoughts and ideas, yet its importance is vastly minimized in most English curriculums.  During this five hour block of instruction, students will master the rules of Standard American English and how those rules are paramount in becoming an excellent writer.  Additionally, students will master the importance of good pronunciation and enunciation and its relevance in excellent public speaking. This course will positively transform elements of their self-confidence as they begin the next school year.


·        Day 1   The rules of Standard American English.  (Student will select a character in the bible that will be the focal point of their assignments)

·        Day 2   How to develop the five paragraph essay

·        Day 3   How to improve your vocabulary

·        Day 4   Public speaking and the rules good oral communication

·        Day 5   Students will present their Essays to the class.

·        Day 6   The Community service event-giving back as servants