Extra Curricular

Extra Curricular


Athletics/Performing and Creative Arts

Most students fail to realize the importance of being well-rounded individuals.  It is a fact that only the students who excel academically, athletically, and in the arts are recruited to attend the top Ivy league colleges in the nation, to include the nation’s military academies.  After enduring a very challenging curriculum in academics students will have the opportunity to learn the game of basketball and the art of swimming.  They may also embark upon the physical challenge of being on a step team or the creative challenge of being on a praise and worship dance team.  This experience is guaranteed to be both fun and exciting.   


·         Day 1   Introduction to the elective

·         Day 2   Becoming skilled in the elective

·         Day 3   Advancing in the elective/Organizing teams within the elective

·         Day 4   Building team cohesion/How to compete with character

·         Day 5   Final competitions

·         Day 6   Community Service event –giving back as servants