Christian Leadership

Christian Leadership

This powerful and transforming class will launch our youth into their divine destiny!

Most successful Christians are not walking in their purpose simply because they do not know how to be servant leaders in society. We should begin shaping our young boys and girls to become accountable leaders in their intermediate years. King Josiah took the throne of God at 8 years old and he was pleasing in the sight of God (II Kings 22:1-2 KJV). King David was anointed as a shepherd boy by the prophet Samuel (1 Samuel 16:11-13, KJV).  Most importantly Jesus, our ultimate example for excellence, was about his father’s business at age 12.

We will recruit the best Christian leaders and pastors to impart into these young servants the principles of Christian leadership. They will ultimately walk away understanding the power of becoming a servant and that only what you do for God is going to last.


PCLA 2014 Christian Leadership Topics

Day 1Respect for Authority – (David respected King Saul’s authority) – showing honor or high esteem for persons delegated or given the privilege to control or influence aspects of my life.

Day 2Integrity and character (Daniel) – Showing that I can be trusted to do what is right especially when no one else is looking.

Day 3Self-Discipline (Nehemiah) – Discipline and training oneself for improvement while disregarding distractions.

Day 4Courage (Esther) – Conquering fear in order to assist others (Bully and other abuses witnessed by our youth).

Day 5Forgiveness and Kindness (Joseph) – Having the ability to be kind or forgiving even to those that have wronged me.